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1860 Census Native American Burrow, Kathy 2009 Jul
1860 Census Native American Burrow, Kathy 2008 Oct
1860 Census of Fresno county, Part 1 Editor 2007 Apr
1860 Census of Fresno county; Part 2 Editor 2006 Apr
1885 Fresno county Teachers' Institute Davenport, David 2014 Jul
50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites for 2010 Meyerink, Kory L. 2010 Nov
A Brief History of the Fresno County Library Her, Chris 2015 Jan
A Composite Roster of Union Veterans of the Civil War Who Lived in Fresno County, California Davenport, David 2011 Mar
A Daughter's Perspective: My Mother, Mildred Price Beasley Randol, Lynn 2015 Jan
A Dentist in Germany Before 1600 Dubel, Zelda 2013 Jul
A Disconnected Family Helton, Barbara Hall 2014 Mar
A Family Tragedy Watters, Becki 2014 Jul
A Journey Back in Time: the Lives of Our Ancestors Revealed in Their Epitaphs Spngber, Val 2016 Nov
A New World for Feuerbach Ladies Dubel, Zelda 2018 Mar
A Pictorial Index of Memorials in the Shinzen Friendship Garden, Woodward Park, Fresno Ozeran, J. Daniel and Janelle Smith 2012 Nov
A Short History of Fresno County Owned Cemeteries for Indigents: Paupers and Potters Fields Sibley, Eugene 2015 Jul
A State by State Online Guide to Tracing Your Family Bakar, Lois 2008 Oct
A Time line of Early FCGS Highlights, 1965 – 1975 Editor 2015 Jan
A Tutorial - Calculating Cousins  Editor 2011 Jul
A Tutorial – Gleanings from the “Old Obituary” Files Hockett, Bev 2014 Jul
A Tutorial – Heritage and Lineage Societies Editor 2012 Nov
A Tutorial – How to Find Probate Records in Fresno County Hillman, Karen 2011 Nov
A Tutorial – New Family Search on-line Kay, Kelsey 2012 Mar
A Tutorial – Oral Histories of Fresno County Residents in the Fresno county Library Special Collections Coleman, Kathleen 2013 Jul
A Tutorial – Researching Land Records in the Fresno County Hall of Records Wilson, Jan 2015 Nov
A Tutorial – Treasures From the FCGS Library Obituary Files Hockett, Bev and Ozeran, Janelle Smith 2013 Mar
A Tutorial – Using Micro-Histories to Aid Interpretation of Evidence and Negative Evidence   2016 Mar
A Tutorial – Yearbooks, Annuals and Souvenir Albums Editor 2014 Mar
A Tutorial –Talking to the Family About Food Editor 2013 Nov
A Tutorial: How Many Letters Are in Your Alphabet? Editor 2016 Nov
A.N. Redfield – an “Old Soldier” buried at Liberty Cemetery Davenport, David 2010 Mar
Ambrose Harvey Elmore Family Cora, Martha Hane and Susan 2006 Apr
Beasore Meadows & Jones Sotre Dubel, Zelda 2013 Mar
Building to Remember  –- Rancho Laguna de Tache Peabody, Carol 2010 Nov
Building to Remember – Flour Mill, Centerville, California Peabody, Carol 2009 Jul
Building to Remember –- Fresno County Courthouse Powell, John Edward 2009 Nov
Building to Remember – Fresno Sanitarium Peabody, Carol 2008 Oct
Building to Remember -- Maubridge Apartments Peabody, Carol 2009 Mar
Building to Remember -- Sample Sanitarium Peabody, Carol 2010 Jul
Building to Remembert –Dale Brother Coffee Building Peabody, Carol 2010 Mar
Celebrated Ancestors – My Genealogy Excursion to Find the Grave of My Third Great Grandparents Hockett, Bev 2010 Jul
Celebrated Ancestors – My Parents Bigss Well Hilpert, Mary Ellen 2008 Oct
Celebrated Ancestors – Robert Earl Peabody Peabody, Carol 2010 Mar
Celebrated Ancestors – Tomiye Naito Murayama Naito, Jeanne N. 2010 Nov
Channel Pie Company Editor 2017 Jul
Charles Miller House in Raymond Dubel, Zelda 2009 Mar
Charter Members of the Fresno Genealogical Society FCGS Scrapbooks 2015 Jul
Chavoya Gonzales-Hardy, Rosanne 2010 Nov
Chronology of Religious Development in America Hutson, James 2008 Mar
Chukchansi Park and Luftenburg's Editor 2016 Nov
Civil War Veterans Monument Dedication at Mountain View Cemetery, Fresno 2013 May 27  Editor 2013 Jul
Could a Newbie to Fresno Area Have Pioneer Roots Here? Givens, Robert 2008 Mar
Death Certificates, It Pays to Review More than Once Peabody, Carol 2009 Jul
Delinquent Tax List of the City of Fresno, County of Fresno, State of Ca for the Fiscal Year 1900-1901 Coleman, Kathleen 2016 Mar
Digital Preservation of Obituaries and Tributes Published in the Fresno Bee  Helton, Barbara 2012 Jul
DNA Analysis for Genealogy and the Informed Consumer: Part One - Law Enforcement Ozeran, Janelle Smith 2017 Jul
DNA Analysis for Genealogy and the Informed Consumre: Part Two - Privacy and Medical Databases Ozeran, J Daniel 2017 Dec
Dog Trot Cabins Hockett, Bev 2008 Mar
Early Physician in Fresno County: Alfred Joel Pedlar, M.D. (1853 – 1918) Moore, Ronald M. 2013 Mar
Easter in Coalinga Editor 2018 Mar
Ellen Wiseman (Hedrick), 1876 – 1933 Conner, Sharon Gayle (Whitney) 2009 Nov
Engraved in Stone or the Mystery of the Gosport Babies Ozeran, Janelle Smith 2011 Mar
Featured Ancestor of Month:  Ann E Bobo (Ray) Hockett, Bev 2008 Mar
Finding the Mother of Joseph W. Hedrick Whitney, Sharon G. 2011 Mar
Forgiving our Fathers Lourie, Dick 2013 Mar
Fresno Directory Postcards – Index of Names Riggs, R.W. 2015 Nov
Fresno's Union Civil War Soldiers Lester, Carole 2009 Jul
From the FCGS Scrapbooks Editor 2015 Apr
From the Postcard Collection Staging in Yosemite Valley, California 2017 Mar
From the Postcard Collection First Methodist Church, Fresno 2017 Jul
From the Postcard Collection Greetings from Selma 2017 Dec
From the Postcard Collection Dear Mother 2018 Mar
From the Postcard Collection Easter in Coalinga, Update, and Another Pastor 2018 Jul
From the Postcard Collection Miscelleanous 2018 Dec
From the Postcard Collection:  The Lodge, Kearney Park 2016 Nov
Genealogical Data in County Supervisors Minutes Davenport, David 2013 Nov
George H. Jarvis and Stolen Valor Davenport, David 2010 Nov
Glimpses Into the Past – Early Images of the Fresno County Genealogical Society Editor 2015 Jan
Goodnight, Sarah Kay, Kelsey 2012 Mar
Guitars of My Life Burrow, Kathy 2008 Mar
Hawaii and It's People Talens, Mary Lou 2008 Mar
Helpful Clues from Memorabilia Bakar, Lois 2009 Mar
Historic Towns of the San Joaquin Valley – Borden Township Peabody, Carol 2010 Mar
Historic Towns of the San Joaquin Valley – Fresno Peabody, Carol 2009 Nov
Historic Towns of the San Joaquin Valley – Letcher, Fresno County, California Peabody, Carol 2010 Jul
Historic Towns of the San Joaquin Valley – Oleander Peabody, Carol 2009 Jul
Historic Towns of the San Joaquin Valley – Tollhouse and Tollhouse Grade Peabody, Carol 2008 Oct
Honoring Our FCGS “Veterans”: Betty V. Peterson Dearing and Marjorie E. Austin Jauron Bakar, Lois, Dearing, Betty and Jauron, Marjorie 2013 Mar
How to Obtain Coroner's Inquest in Fresno County Scroggins, Melissa 2010 Mar
Index of Early Fresno County Livestock Brand Patent Registrations FCGS Volunteers 2015 Apr
Index of Early Physicians of Fresno and Surrounding San Joaquin Valley Communities as Listed in Various Valley Histories Moore, Ronald M. 2014 Nov
Index of Vandor's History of Fresno County, Vol. 1, Chapter LXIV.7: "War Reminders" (1919) FCGS Volunteers 2017 Dec
Indian Census of 1860 Fresno County Burrow, Kathy and Keeney, Joan 2008 Mar
Interpreting Causes of Death on Old Records Ozeran, J. Daniel 2012 Mar
J. La Spisa Editor 2018 Mar
James P. Barker, a Foreign-Born Union Soldier Davenport, David 2011 Nov
John White McDowell of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and Fresno, California Davenport, David 2018 Jul
Joseph Tomei & Zelmira De Vecchio and the "Great War" Scambray, Linda 2017 Jul
Joshua Benton Craven, Early Fresno Settler Ozeran, Janelle Smith 2013 Jul
Knowles Dubel, Zelda 2016 Mar
Land and the Locomotive Pedersen, Pat 2011 Jul
Life in the 1500s Pappas, Susan Baird 2009 Mar
Lions and Tigers and Hippos, Oh, My! Editor 2017 Jul
Local Fresno Area Pedigree Jessen, Evelyn and Badger Raymond Harold 2009 Mar
Local Fresno Area Pedigree and Family Group Sheets Hicks, Evelynne Thayer 2010 Mar
Local Fresno Area Pedigree and Family Group Sheets Hicks, Evelynne Thayer 2010 Jul
Local Fresno Area Pedigree and Family Group Sheets Badger, Roberta Jessen 2009 Nov
Markers and Memorials Found in the Fresno Chaffee Zoo Ozeran, J Danile and Janelle Smith 2018 Mar
Musings of a Charter Member on Our 50th Anniversary Dubel, Zelda 2015 Jul
My 9th Great Grandmother Jauron, Marjorie Austin 2012 Jul
My Successful Search for Cousins Through DNA Analysis Ceccarelli, Myrna 2014 Mar
Names Extracted from the Fresno County Duplicate Assessors Roll, 11 Sep 1961 FCGS Volunteers 2017 Jul
Native Americans in Fresno County Burrow, Kathy 2008 Mar
New (or New to Me) on the Internet Givens, Robert 2010 Mar
New (or New to Me) on the Internet Givens, Robert 2009 Mar
New (or New to Me) on the Internet Givens, Robert 2009 Jul
New Databases Announced by NSDAR Leclerc, Michael J. 2010 Mar
News from Yesteryear The Election Returns 2016 Nov
News from Yesteryear Stagecoaches! 2017 Mar
News from Yesteryear WWI on the Fresno Homefront 2017 Jul
News from Yesteryear Spring, 1916 2018 Mar
News from Yesteryear – The Valley in Spring Watters, Becki and Ozeran, Janelle Smith 2016 Mar
News from Yesteryear – The Valley in Winter Watters, Becki 2015 Nov
Norwegian Research 101 Wilson, Jan 2011 Jul
Oleander School Promotions, June 1897 Editor  
Orphaned Ancestors: Busking for Stage Fare? Editor 2017 Mar
Our Ancestors and the Sultana Disaster: a Victim, and a Profiteer Guild,Jim 2018 Dec
Over Lunch in 1965, Society Formed: Six Word Stories About our Ancestors Editor 2015 Jul
Over There, 1917 Editor 2017 Dec
Preparing Pedigree and Family Group Sheets Peabody, Carol 2008 Oct
Researching Indian Heritage Peabody, Carol 2009 Mar
Researching My Gann Family History: Snatching Fact from Fiction Harless, Judith 2012 Mar
Revisiting the American Revolution Taylor, Maureen 2010 Jul
Roberta "Bobbie" Badger   2017 Jul
Rocco Manuto and Coming to America Shorb, John and Linda 2011 Jul
Roster of FCGS Officers and Chairs, 1965 - 2014 Scroggins, Melissa and Ozeran, J. Daniel and Janelle Smith 2015 Jan
Routine Research Leads to Remarkable Results: An Experience with Barnett, June Spliethog 2014 Mar
Sam and Sarah, A Love Story Branch, Nadine 2009 Jul
School Census Marshall's Reports (Bowles) Jime 1907 amd 1908 Editor 2018 Dec
Searching for "Aunt Pliney": Family Migrations from Missouri to California at Different Times Shitney, Sharon G Conner 2018 Jul
Serving Up Family History Stuart, Kelsey 2013 Nov
Seven Census Search Strategies Smith, Juliana 2010 Jul
Sgt. Charles Clark Smith: Arranger and Musician Ozeran, Hannah A.S. 2013 Mar
Some Favorite Websites Editor 2011 Mar
Some Favorite Websites Eastman, Richard W. 2010 Jul
Some Favorite Websites Unknown 2009 Nov
Some Favorite Websites – Black Sheep Kuhn, Gene 2012 Nov
Some Favorite Websites – Blogging Ethnic Heritage Editor 2012 Mar
Some Favorite Websites – From Family Trees to Family Narratives Editor 2012 Jul
Some Favorite Websites – Genealogical Proof Standard Editor 2013 Jul
Some Favorite Websites – More about Food and Family History Editor 2013 Nov
Teachers of California in 1893 Pappas, Susan Baird 2009 Jul
The Ayon (Ayllon) Family Reunion Rocks Irwindale Gonzales-Hardy, Rosanne 2011 Nov
The Bollinger Family of California and the San Joaquin Valley: Part One – Family Reunion Gordon, Denise Steinert 2015 Nov
The Bollinger Family of California and the San Joaquin Valley: Part Two – Descent Chart, Pedigree, Photo Gallery and Pioneer Obituaries Gordon, Denise Steinert 2016 Mar
The California History and Genealogy Room of the Fresno County Library Secrest, William B. 2007 Apr
The Cate Family Peverill, Zoe (Horton) 2008 Mar
The Chinese of Early Fresno County Watters, Becki and Ozeran J. Daniel 2015 Apr
The Civilian Conservation Corps in the Fresno Area: 1933-1942 Serrano, Rodolfo G. 2012 Jul
The Del Monte Wall Editor 2017 Mar
The First Thanksgiving Day Proclamation Governing Council of Charlestown, Massachusetts 2009 Nov
The Greatest Day in Fresno's History Her, Chris 2014 Nov
The Hall Family Tree Hall, Wesley Elmo 2012 Nov
The Hanging of Ol' Doc Vincent Moore, Ronald M. 2012 Nov
The Identity of Lillian E. Adams, wife of Arthur C. Banta Davenport, David 2015 Jul
The Life of Hugh Knepper of Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Fresno Davenport, David 2011 Jul
The Second Baptist Church, Fresno Editor 2018 Dec
The Shinzen Friendship Garden, Woodward Park, Fresno:  Addendum Ozeran, J. Daniel and Janelle Smith 2013 Jul
The Stage Road from Raymond to Wawona Dubel, Zelda 2009 Jul
The Stage Route From Raymond to Wawona Dubel, Zelda 2017 Mar
The Ties That Bind Meehan, Terry 2014 Jul
The Tracks Bradley, David R. 2013 Jul
Weavers in German Dubel, Zelda 2018 Jul
Web Sites You May Not Know About Givens, Robert 2008 Oct
What is in a Name? Hadrian, Donna 2009 Mar
Winchell Roster of Pioneers and Old Settlers in Fresno County: Opened in 1912 by L.A. Winchell FCGS Volunteers 2017 Mar
Windsor School, Reedley Wilson, Jan 2016 Nov
WWI Uniforms Editor 2017 Dec
WWI Veteran Profiles: Harvey Reagan Allen, Vernon Eldredge Caughell and Carl Albin Norem Waters, Becki 2017 Dec
Yesteryear's News The Fresno Weekly Republican, 1887 2011 Mar
Yesteryear's News Peabody, Carol 2010 Nov
Yesteryear's News Peabody, Carol 2010 Mar
Yesteryear's News Peabody, Carol 2010 Jul
Yesteryear's News 1872 Fresno Weekly Expositor 2009 Nov
Yesteryear's News 1904 Fresno Weekly Republican 2009 Mar
Yesteryear's News 1904 Fresno Weekly Republican 2009 Jul
Yesteryear's News 1890 Fresno Weekly Republican 2008 Oct
Yesteryear's News Summer 1918 2018 Jul
Yesteryear's News After the Armistice 2018 Dec
You Can Find Interesting Things in the Newspaper Gillespie, Jim 2009 Nov
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